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Real estate is one of your most valuable and precious assets. Ensure that it’s in the right hands when it’s part of a transaction. Harbourside Legal Services provides conveyancing services in Sydney for residential and commercial property, helping to simplify an often confusing and frustrating area of the law for all parties involved. Let us be your guide throughout the process from drawing up initial documentation through to title registration.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell residential or commercial real estate, our conveyancing lawyers in Sydney are the team for you. With extensive experience in all areas of conveyancing with property of every description, our conveyancing and property lawyers possess the professionalism and knowledge you need to ensure that transfer is achieved quickly, efficiently and without issues arising. Make the smarter choice whether you’re buying a family home or looking to enter a retirement residence and speak to us today.

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The conveyancing process is multi-faceted with the potential to become complicated and frustrating when one or both parties lacks proper legal advice. The process begins with the drawing up of a Contract for Sale, providing the street address and title details of the property, the length of time required between signing and completion of the contract, inclusions and exclusions from the sale and any special conditions relating to the property. We can assist either party with the drawing up or review of the Contract of Sale, and can provide legal advice throughout helping you better understand your rights and responsibilities and your required next step.

Ahead of settlement, our Sydney conveyancing lawyers can assist the seller with the creation of the documents needed to release the mortgage, and assist with negotiations on the purchase terms, to account for council and water rates and other adjustments. After settlement, our team can help the buyer register as the new owner on the title, and inform the relevant government bodies of the change in ownership.

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Speak to the property lawyers at Harbourside Legal Services to find out how our conveyancing services could support you. Contact us at our Sydney CBD office today on 02 9955 6692 or send us your questions through our contact page or via email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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